Wage and Benefits Surveys

Merit performs three different Wage and Benefit Surveys
Conducted annually, these surveys are intended to be used as a management tool to capture information about average wages and benefits in the open shop construction industry.


Conducted semi-annually in January and June, the Trades Wage and Benefit Survey looks at fifteen different trades: Carpenter, Concrete Finisher, Drywaller, Electrician, Glazier, Insulator, Labourer, Metal Building System Erector, Millwright, Pipe fitter, Plumber, Refrigeration Mechanic, Sheet Metal, and B-Pressure Welder. The Trades survey analyses and reports on the minimum, average, and maximum wages for each trade per Northern and Southern Alberta. Merit also reports on data regarding Benefits Package, Pension/Retirement Package; statutory and vacation pay; hours and overtime hours; and expected wage increase is. Summaries for the Trades survey are released to all members for free in first week of March and August every year.
Office and Salaried Staff
Conducted annually in April, the Office/ Salaried Staff Wage and Benefit Survey gathers information for seven different office/salaried staff positions in the construction industry. Merit reports on minimum, average, and maximum salary for each position, namely Project Managers, Estimators, Superintendents, Health and Safety Practitioners, Designer/Drafter, Contract/Project Administrator, and HR Administrators. The Office summary reports on average planned salary increase in the year and the determining factors for the increase; amount of bonus provided for each position; vacation entitlement; employer’s contribution for Benefit and Retirement Programs; provision of company vehicle and vehicle allowances for each of the seven positions. This summary is released to all members for free in the first week of May each year.
Heavy Construction/Road Builders
Conducted annually in May, the Heavy Construction/ Road Builders Survey requests wage and benefit information for Cat/Crawler Operators, Excavator Operators, Finish Grader Operators, Heavy Duty Journeymen Technicians, Packer Operators, Paver Operators, Scraper Operators, and Foremen. Other than the minimum, average, and maximum hourly wages, the summary provides data on the employer contributions for Benefits and Retirement Programs, statutory holiday pay and vacation pay; weekly regular hours including overtime and overtime rate; bonuses and planned wage increases. This report is released to all members for free in the first week of June of every year.
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