We believe that success should be built on Merit.
Merit Contractors Association provides benefits, training, and human resource tools to meet the needs of the construction industry. Merit, a not-for-profit association, has more than 1,350 member companies who employ more than 40,000 people across Alberta. To ensure all actions, initiatives and policies are member-driven, Merit is overseen by an elected board of directors.

To support the growth of open shop construction and advocate open shop values by encouraging sound business practices and contributing to training, development and the well-being of construction industry workers and their families.
Core Purposes
Merit provides a wide range of services to member organizations and their employees and families. The core purposes are:
  • Provide strong proactive leadership for open shop construction and related industry, including the advancement of a policy, regulatory and business environment that supports open shop competition principles.
  • Offer access to market competitive cost effective benefits for member companies and their employees and families.
  • Support the development of a stable, appropriately skilled construction industry, while positioning construction industry jobs as attractive career options within educational institutions and the general public.
  • Encourage and support programs that increase workforce participation on the part for under-represented populations in the construction industry.
  • Supply education and support for members to encourage sound business and human resources management practices, including safety in the workplace and environmental protection.
  • Member focused - deliver exceptional value and service.
  • Ethical - do the right thing every time.
  • Recognize - reward performance.
  • Integrity - be honest and fair.
  • Transparency - support open and fair competition.
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